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Somebody lyrics


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        I want somebody to share
    share the rest of my life
    share my innermost thoughts
    know my intimate details
    someone who'll stand by my side
    and give me support
    and in return
    she'll get my support
    she will listen to me
    when I want to speak
    about the world we live in
    and life in general
    though my views may be wrong
    they may even be perverted
    she'll hear me out
    and won't easily be converted
    to my way of thinking
    in fact she'll often disagree
    but at the end of it all
    she will understand me

    I want somebody who cares
    for me passionately
    with every thought
    and with every breath
    someone who'll help me see things
    in a different light
    all the things I detest
    I will almost like
    I don't want to be tied
    to anyone's strings
    I'm carefully trying to stay clear
    of those things
    and when I'm asleep
    I want somebody
    who will put their arms around me
    and kiss me tenderly
    though things like this make me sick
    in a case like this
    I'll get away with it
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